Paul Grindle
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The Grindle Family

I thought is would be nice to show some of our pictures to the rest of the extended Grindle Family.  See my live webcam.  This inspired me to do video web and extended video web sites.  

l  am currently a free lance web developer and work on web development on a contract basis.  We enjoy traveling and seeing friends and relatives around the country.  Here are some pictures taken in our travels over the past few years.


I really enjoy my work and spend most of my time working on updating my skill-sets in web development and handy-man skills. 

Some web projects I have done

Jeanne and I have been married for about a decade and live in Westminster Colorado.  Jeanne is a para-legal and  works for Vanatta, Sullan, Sandgrund, Sullan & Smith, P.C., a very prestigious legal firm that specializes in construction defect law.  They are recognized as the leader in legal services for home construction issues in Colorado.

Paul Grindle

Jeanne Grindle


    Jean and Friends at Revival

Keeping Updated

We lost my brother on November 10th of 2007 and our family suffered a great loss.  I personally have not recovered and I think about him daily.  We were very close and hope he is resting in a place far better than the one he called home here on earth.



Keep our Children Safe